HP delaying MediaSmart Home Server till the holidays?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.31.07

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HP delaying MediaSmart Home Server till the holidays?
Bad news for those anxiously awaiting the release of HP's MediaSmart Home Servers. Turns out, HP may be holding off on the launch due to Microsoft's "last minute bug hunting and tweaks." Reportedly, HP will be delaying shipment of the product "by 75 to 120 days," which means that eager to-be-customers won't be able to wrap their palms around the Windows Home Server-based device until "late fall." Of course, the wait should bring about a finer tuned OS -- including "more reliable remote server access, automatic router and firewall setting tools, and enhancements to synchronizing features" -- but we know all too well how hard patience is to come by.
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