HP's MediaSmart Home Servers get a release date

If you're keeping abreast of the Windows Home Server proceedings (and we suspect you are) then you're probably somewhat familiar with the HP EX470 / EX475. Furthermore, If you've been eyeing the two, drive-filled towers and been hoping to know when you might get your hands on them, you may be in luck. According to reports from retailers like Amazon and PCMall, the $599 EX470 (clocking in at 500GB) and and $749 EX475 (1TB) will begin shipping on September 15th. As you'll recall, the servers rock 1.8GHz AMD Semprons and contain four drive bays, plus tout four USB ports and one eSATA port -- for additional external expansion. As the supposed launch date for WHS draws ever nearer (or further... it's hard to tell) it's at least nice to know that we'll have some options when it does eventually land.

[Via DailyTech, thanks Mark]