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DualShock 3 PS3 controller hands-on

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Sony just put out the DualShock 3 SIXAXIS controllers to test on the floor here at Tokyo Game Show. We'd pretend we're all stunned to see this atrocious "last-gen" feature somehow made it into Sony's super futuristic next-gen hardware that until today has had absolutely no need to enable games with haptic feedback, but it's not like there wasn't a clear path between Sony's settlement with Immersion straight up to the controller's launch today.

No word on the "touch sense" end of business, or exactly how much heavier it is than the regular old SIXAXIS, but it's certainly got a bit more heft. IT also put out a decent amount of rumble, but the thing was pretty straight forward and convention so far as we could tell, so unfortunately there just aren't any surprises for us to report back with.

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