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Philips shows off health and wellness concepts at Simplicity Event

Philips' regular Simplicity Events have never seen a shortage of futuriffic concept devices in the past, and this week's event in London looks to be no exception, with it focusing on health and wellness in particular. Among the concepts on display is a 'Celebrating Pregnancy' scenario which, among other things, consists of a so-called "Presentation Bump" that allows for "4-D Baby Visualization", and a seat with an integrated scanning belt that enables "fast, hygienic scanning." Other concepts include an 'Ambient Healing Space' for patients recovering in the hospital, which includes a body sensing blanket that replaces other monitoring devices, along with a HeartStart portable heart monitor and resuscitation device, a whole 'Care for Guests' scenario, and even a newfangled espresso machine and a juicer/blender. Click on through to the gallery below for a closer look at each of those, plus a few other things Philips foresees in your future.

[Via Pocket-lint]