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Hands-on with the Pacemaker DJ system


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We had a chance to get up close and personal with Swedish startup Tonium's portable DJ unit and paw this 120GB-storing mobile mixing and more device. Comparable in size to the PSP (a smidge smaller), the Pacemaker's integrated crossfader and multifunction touchpad at first blush provide a surprisingly intuitive way to control your mix. We're not gonna lie -- we kinda wish the touchpad worked more like a Kaoss pad than like ye olde iPod scroll wheel, but all the same it's pretty fun to get some pitch bending on with a device that fits in one hand. Also let's be honest, you're probably not gonna become the hottest thing in Ibiza with this thing, but at $700 it's a relatively low-cost convenient practice setup for DJs on the road or an attractive option for aspiring amateurs. Be sure to peep yourself some video after the break.

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