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Video: Hands-on with Microsoft's Origami Experience 2.0

Nilay Patel

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We had high hopes that the Origami Experience 2.0 would be more than just two apps and a new password system, but we were pretty disappointed when we spent some time playing with it at Microsoft's booth. Picture Password, Origami Central and Origami Now were running on a variety of UMPCs, including the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium, Fujitsu U810, Kohjinsha SH-series, and our demo unit, an HTC Shift, and while everything pretty much worked as advertised, it certainly wasn't an "experience" -- and probably the least fun we've had with OE in a long time. Check out a bunch of screenshots in the gallery, and make sure to catch the video of a Vista dev manager telling us that Origami Now and Central aren't "launchers" and that HD DVD is doing "just fine" after the break.

Update: Video's back now -- sorry for the delay, we had to fly back from Vegas sometime!

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