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Aspire One modding continues: swapping SSD for capacious HDD

Darren Murph

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Oh sure, you're pretty 1337 if you can say you've got an SSD within your laptop, but if you've a need to store more than, say, 8GB of files, a bit more room may be desired. tnkgrl's Aspire One mods began earlier this week with the addition of Bluetooth and extra RAM, and today she's showing the world how to swap the built-in SSD with a 1.8-inch 60GB PATA drive. As expected, this one's remarkably easy to complete once you've torn the thing open, but she also explains how to best put it all back together once you're done. But you're not, because she'll be producing a how-to for adding internal 3G in the coming days / weeks.

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