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MDI's AirCar hits the streets, no one is safe. Especially not the air. Or the cars.


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We've been tracking the AirCar for near centuries in Engadget Time, but MDI's little car that could-maybe-possibly seems to have finally taken to the streets. The car has been seen sporting French plates, meaning it's actually been approved for use there -- unsurprising, considering the car's 2009 planned launch in France, but exciting nonetheless. The car boasts a 50 mile range running off of compressed air, and can stretch that further by heating up the air with another power source. It might not solve world hunger, but we're just happy to see compressed air playing a featured role outside of cleaning our keyboard and propelling Airsoft pellets at our cat.*

*We're kidding. Cats are awesome.

[Via AutoblogGreen]

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