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DIY Screw-Nut rings replace roses, express affection

Darren Murph

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Quick, guys! It's Valentine's Day! If you spent all week bringing home the cheddar and completely glossed over the need to buy flowers / chocolates / new cars / diamonds / Neil Diamond records, we've found just the thing to save your Saturday (and beyond). These DIY Screw-Nut rings aren't the most elaborate things in the world, but given that they'll be hand crafted by you, they pack an extraordinary amount of "aww" power. They're actually a spinoff of a more classy iteration, which saw the designer use 24-karat gold wedding bands and then add on the screw head and nut. We've heard that titanium and stainless steel will cut it if you're on a tight budget, but regardless of the chemical makeup, "it's the thought that counts."

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