You're looking at the latest render of the Titanium Concord C1 QuantumGravity timepiece first spotted in January. A wristwatch due to be unveiled in a 10-unit, limited production run at the big Baselworld 2009 watch and jewelry show kicking off in 6 days. There's a ton of extraneous, nonsensical verbiage in the press release making the watch all but unknowable. Still, as far as we can tell, this mechanical watch features a novel tourbillon escapement that spins on two axis points... and liquid. Yes, liquid, containing "green phosphorescent nanoparticles" held in a vertical column as an indicator of the life remaining in the 3-day power reserve. As Concord describes it, the C1 QuantumGravity, "creates its own rules: emptiness is its core material, engineering its constancy; chemistry a dare and transparency a must." Whatevs word-hippie, just tell us where and when.

[Via Watch Luxus]

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