Quantum Concord C Lab QuantumGravity watch "defies all laws," common sense

We'll be straight with you -- while the Quantum Concord C Lab Quantum Gravity "watch" does, in fact, look pretty slick, we're mostly taken with its marketing materials, which claim that the "aerial bi-axial Tourbillion mechanism" and "structure that makes emptiness its core material" grants the timepiece the ability to "defy all laws, including that of logic, and most of all, of gravity." Yes, logic is being defied here. We're not sure what other laws owning a timepiece valued at "infinite preciousness" allows you to defy, but we've got a stack of parking tickets, a Windows 7-related indecent exposure and at least one semi-legal Mac cloning operation going on here, so we'll see how many flying clocks make it out of Switzerland when this thing goes on sale in March.

[Via WatchLuxus]