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HP Z800 workstation supports SLI Multi-OS, newest Xeon processors

Nilay Patel

What do you get when you mash up yesterday's Intel Xeon 5500 and NVIDIA Quadro FX announcements with a bruiser BMW DesignWorksUSA case? The HP Z800 workstation, that's what -- and while it's clearly more machine than most of us need, it's almost just as certainly the machine we deserve. Right? Right. Inside the super-configurable case beats two quadcore Nehalem Xeon 5400 CPUs that appear as 16 cores to Windows, and optional SLI Multi-OS-capable NVIDIA graphics cards that allow you to use SLI under virtualization. Pricing starts at a seemingly-reasonable $1,999 and cruises north of $14K -- anyone want to lend us some cash?

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