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Are these the companies inside the next iPhone?

Tim Stevens

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With the Pre's launch date looming it's nearly time for Apple to launch its counter-attack, and today we have what appears to be further confirmation of component orders for the so-called iPhone 3.0. DigiTimes is claiming to have a nearly comprehensive rundown of component suppliers for Apple's next-gen hotness, again indicating Samsung will be providing the memory, but also saying that a CSR chip will continue to handle Bluetooth duties, a 3.2 megapixel OmniVision sensor will tackle image-capture duties, and going on to list over a dozen other suppliers you may or may not have heard of -- though sadly failing to identify a CPU maker. All these companies are supposedly ramping up to begin shipments in May for a mid-2009 release, with a target of 5 million units for launch. However, while many of these names line up with rumors we've heard already, with no sources named and none of these suppliers able to comment, you might want to hit up your local source of salt for a grain or two.

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