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Zune HD hits FCC in prolific photo shoot, 16GB and 32GB capacities

Ross Miller

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Well, would you look at that. Microsoft's Zune HD's overexposed -- both in quantity of pics and in quality of photography -- camera shoot with the FCC has been made public, showing off quite a bit of the device, its internals, and its dock. We've got two model numbers listed here, 1395 and 1402 representing the 16GB and 32GB models, respectively, and in case you're wondering, that's Windows CE you're seeing above, the OS on which Zune HD's UI is built. Hit up the read link to browse yourself, or check out the gallery below for the highlights, including a NVIDIA Tegra chip sighting and an amusing "For our princess" tattoo on the inside of the back cover. Now if we could only get a MSRP or narrower release window...

Gallery: Zune HD hits FCC in prolific photo shoot | 22 Photos

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