Now that all that iPod mess is over and done with, looks like it's as good of time as any to return to the world of Apple tablet rumors. A report from Taiwan Economic News starts us off right, with "industry sources" telling the outlet it'll have a 9.6-inch multitouch screen, built-in HSDPA (so much for Verizon), a P. A. Semi processor, a "long lasting battery pack," and a $799 to $999 price tag. Most to all of that sounds fairly familiar, but coming along with it is a new timeline: shipments will reportedly be delivered to Apple this December in preparation for a launch in February 2010. As for component providers, Taiwanese company DynaPack will reportedly be the exclusive supplier of battery packs, as much as 300,000 per month, while iPhone screen-maker Wintek will be doing the display duties here, too. The author in question here does appear to have some manufacturing sources -- it looks like he was right about the Acer Timeline -- but at this point, we're not ready to believe anything without some photographic evidence of Steve Jobs personally adding the magical unicorn tears.

[Via TabletAge]

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