Pentax debuts 12 megapixel duo: Optio M85 and E85 point-and-shoots

We'll admit -- compared to the ketchup-colored K-x, these two just seem lackluster. And, perhaps they are. But there's still some merit to Pentax introducing a new pair of point-and-shoots, with both the M85 and E85 sporting 12 megapixel CCD sensors and relatively slim bodies. The former can also shoot 720p video and features a 3-inch touchscreen, shake reduction and face detection, while the lower end E85 gets saddled with a 2.7-inch LCD, a VGA movie mode and an awkward feeling of incompetence. Both should be available in Euroland next month for €179 ($263) and €129 ($186), respectively.

[Via Engadget German]