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Chilean PS3 ads show gamer giving blood transfusion to a Nazi

Nilay Patel

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You'd think Sony's ad teams would have learned to stay away from needlessly controversial imagery after that whole "White is coming" PSP debacle or even those "Take a Running Jump Here" ads, but... they haven't. Check out these Chilean PlayStation 3 ads, which show a modern-day gamer giving a heart transplant to Joan of Arc and a blood transfusion to a Nazi. Yes, Sony has Godwin'd its own advertising. The Nazi in question is supposed to be Erwin Rommel, a highly decorated and respected German field marshal, but it's not like Sony's really riffing on that here, and making an ad with a swastika in it that relies on your audience to know the subtle nuances of WWII history just isn't the smartest move in the world. It's a pretty simple rule: if you make a video game ad with Nazis in it and it's not about shooting the Nazis, you've screwed up. Let's just stick with those creeptastic Japanese PS3 spots, okay?

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[Via Copyranter]

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