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Chumby Guts kit lets you build your own Chumby device


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Chumby may now finally be branching out with a few less cuddly products of its own, but it looks like you can now also expand your Chumby options yourself with a few basic DIY skills -- or you could if you were lucky enough to get in on the first batch of Chumby Guts kits. Offered exclusively through the Maker Shed, the kit includes all the necessary "guts" to let you build any sort of Chumby device you like, and has apparently proven popular enough to sell out before the first shipment even arrived. Those hanging on for that Chumby toaster of their dreams won't have to wait too much longer to get their fix, however, as the second shipment is set to arrive in late November, and will run the same $99 as before.

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