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AT&T and Verizon drop lawsuits, make nice for the holidays

Nilay Patel

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Well well, maybe we can all get along after all: AT&T and Verizon just dropped their various advertising-related lawsuits against each other. We can't say we're surprised, considering AT&T lost its request to have Verizon's ads pulled down for the holidays -- spending money to litigate this further would have simply been a waste, and generated even more bad PR. Now let's just hope these two suck it up and battle it out over service quality and pricing, like they should have been doing all along. Or AT&T can just make some more nonsensical Luke Wilson commercials, whatevs.

Update: Whoa, so this is crazy. We just checked out the other suit that was dismissed, and it turns out that Verizon actually sued AT&T back in July, but not for any damages -- instead, Big Red asked the court to rule that its various "Most Reliable 3G Network" taglines were actually true. That wackiness certainly explains why AT&T felt the need to push back, we suppose, and it makes Verizon's current whining over Sprint's "Most Dependable 3G Network" claims part of a larger, lamer pattern. We've included a shot of the case after the break, check it out.

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