Join the Engadget HD podcast TiVo premier special live on Ustream

It's not Monday, but the Engadget crew is getting together for a special podcast to talk about the new TiVo Premier. We're going to need some help on this one, so we're brining in a few guests. So if you want to hear our initial impressions live we're going to start broadcasting live Wednesday the 3rd at 6:00pm. Love it or hate, it if you follow the latest in the HD DVR market, you're not going to want to miss this. Embedded Ustream tools and a list of topics after the break.

TiVo Premiere and Premiere XL usher in a brand new interface, optional QWERTY remote
TiVo Premiere hands-on (update: video!)

Poll: So what's your reaction to the TiVo Premiere?
Oops: TiVo Premiere won't have Comcast On Demand

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