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Who should I follow on Twitter? Android edition

Laura June

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Welcome back to 'Who should I follow,' where yours truly stays up late into the wee hours to produce a beautifully crafted, well thought out, themed Twitter list just for your perusal. Today the topic is Android, and there are plenty of people and websites on Twitter if Google is your business. As usual, we always forget a few in our frenzied attempt to get this out the door, so leave your (polite) requests in the comments and we'll update.

Writers, podcasters and personalities
Ashley Esqueda - @androidashley
Lane Montgomery, Android App Show podcast - @14n3
Phil Nickinson, Android Central - @philnickinson
Brittany Bohnet, Google TV - @brit
Andrew Melnizek, Android Central -@andrewmel
Benjamin Rubenstein - Neowin, Android Guys @benjrubenstein
Dan Morrill, Android Open Source - @morrildl
The Dudes Android - @thedudesandroid
John, Droid Dog blog - @phonedog_john
James Kendroid, jkOnTherun - @jkendrick
Nicole Cozma, Android evangelist, PhoneDog - @c0z
Android Tapp - @androidtapp
Paul O'Brien, MoDaCo - @paulobrien
Droid Life - @droid_life
Rachid, Droid Den - @le3ky
Martin Brabham - @optedoblivion
Droid Guy - @thedroidguy
Seth Weintraub, Google on Fortune - @goog247

AndroidSPIN - @androidspin
Android Central - @androidcentral
Android and Me - @androidandme
Android Dev Team - @androiddev
Nexus One Forum - @nexusoneforum
The Android Site - @theandroidsite
Androidinica - @androinica
Android Forums - @Androids
MoDaCo - @modacoandroid
Phandroid - @phandroid
Android Police - @androidpolice
Everything Android - @everythingdroid
Talk Android - @talkandroid

Companies, carriers, and the people who work for them
Google Mobile - @googlemobile
Google Nexus One - @googlenexusone
Google TV team -@googletv
Google I/O - @googleio
Google Voice - @googlevoice
Eric Schmidt, Google - @ericschmidt
HTC - @htc
Samsung USA - @samsungtweets
Samsung Mobile - @samsungmobileus
Motorola - @motomobile
Sprint - @sprint
Eric Lin, HTC - @finderic
Carla Saavedra, Samsung - @carlasaavedra
Tim Bray, Google - @timbray
Reto Meier, Android developer advocate, Google - @retomeier
The Android PR Gal - @whatsupandroid
Behnam Fakhimi, enthusiast - @benocharm

Hackers, developers and tinkerers
Cyanogen - @cyanogen
XDA Developers - @xdadevelopers
simms22 - @simms22
Koush - code writer - @koush
Kmobs - @kmobs
Chris Soyars - @chrissoyars
Bignup412 - @bignup412
Franco Solari - @francoissmexy
Sumyunguy - @sumyunguy
CyanogenMod Source - @cmsrc
Ander Webbs - @anderwebs
CyanogenMod - @cyanogenmod
Prashant Somashekar, Droid Basement - @pershoot
San Mehat, Android Kernal Systems Dev - @sanmehat
Bart, Android freak - @amon_ra
Tord Fauksganger - @tordf
Greg Carron, developer - @pixeladdikt
Kyle Weller - @androidunleashd
Wes Garner - @wesgarner

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Don't forget to follow Engadget Alt and me (@laura_june), too! Leave your suggestions for other awesome Twitter peeps and future editions in the comments. Also -- if you check out Engadget's twitter page, you'll see that we've made actual Twitter lists for your following convenience!

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