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Who should I follow on Twitter? All about Microsoft

Who should I follow on Twitter? All about Microsoft
Laura June Dziuban
Laura June Dziuban|July 19, 2010 12:51 PM
Welcome once again to "Who should I follow?" where we spend countless hours trolling Twitter finding the best and most knowledgeable peeps for our readers to follow. So, you love Microsoft. You really love Microsoft. You're in luck, then: we've searched high and low for anybody and everybody you should be following if Redmond is your thing.

Microsoft Official Accounts
Microsoft - @microsoft
Windows Live - @windowslive
Microsoft Windows - @mswindows
Microsoft Xbox - @microsoft_xbox
Microsoft Store - @microsoftstore
SharePoint - @sharepoint
Zune - @zune
Zune Marketplace - @zunemarketplace
Bing - @bing
Microsoft Research - @msftresearch
FUSE Labs - @fuselabs
Microsoft Surface @surface
Microsoft Press - @microsoftpress
Xbox Support - @xboxsupport
Windows Phone - @windowsphone
Springboard Series @msspringboard
Channel 9 - @ch9
Office for Mac - @officeformac
Windows Embedded @msftweb
Microsoft Advertising - @msadvertising
Microsoft Asia - @microsoftasia
Microsoft Analyst Relations - @microsoftar

Microsoft People

Bill Gates - @billgates
Major Nelson, Xbox - @majornelson
Frank Shaw, Corporate Communications - @fxshaw
Aaron Greenberg, Xbox - @aarongreenberg
TriXie, Xbox Live - @trixie360
Laura Massey, Xbox Live - @lauralollipop
Mark Drapeau, Director of Innovative Social Engagement - @microsoft_mark
Michael Yaeger - Zune @yegr
Mark Murray, Public Affairs - @markmurray98119
John Starkweather - @johnstarky
Charlie Kindel, Windows Phone - @ckindel
Joe Belfiore, Windows Phone - @joebelfiore
DMZilla, Community Coordinator, Xbox Live - @dmzilla
Scott Guthrie - @scottgu
Justin Angel - @justinangel


Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet - @maryjofoley
Paul Thurrott, WinSuperSite - @thurrott
Ed Bott - @edbott
Ina Fried, CNET - @inafried
Todd Bishop, Techflash - @toddbishop
Nick Eaton, Seattle PI - @njeaton
Rafael Rivera - @withinrafael
Tom Warren, Neowin - @tom_warren
Long Zheng - @longzheng
Scott Hanselman @shanselman

WMExperts - @wmexperts
Mini-Msft - @whodapunk
WM Power User - @wmpoweruser
XNA Community @xnacommunity
Neowin - @neowinfeed
Everything Microsoft - @everythingms
Mobile Tech World - @mobiletechworld
The Live Side - @liveside

Update: And we've made it even easier for you to obsess over Microsoft on Twitter: you can follow @engadget's Microsoft Twitter list right here.

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Don't forget to follow Engadget Alt and me (Laura_June), too! Leave your suggestions for other awesome Twitter peeps and future editions in the comments.
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