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The Ben Heck Show launching next week, right into your regular viewing rotation

Darren Murph

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Oh, Ben -- how far you've come. But now that you're about to star in your very own web show, don't ever forget that we had you first. Pleasantries aside, we couldn't be more thrilled to hear that the man responsible for pushing the art of modding into the mainstream is set to host a bi-weekly web TV show on the subject. The Ben Heck Show will see its first episode published on September 13th, where Ben showcases a mod of a controller for an avid gamer with a serious disability. Future episodes will highlight "projects inspired by the modder community, ranging from mods for a particular need to gadgets that help electronic enthusiasts work and play faster," which means that you and yours can send in ideas that may end up on the show. Head on past the break for a trailer, and be sure to pencil this one in right beside our own Engadget Show when it comes time for viewing pleasure.

P.S. - Congrats, Ben!

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