The stars are really aligning for this shindig HTC has scheduled in London for next week, aren't they? All signs point to the launch of the Android-powered Desire Z and Desire HD -- international versions of the G2 and EVO, respectively -- and this render pulled off of German site BestBoyZ matches up perfectly with in-the-wild shots we've seen of the HD before. The only sticking point, really, is that there's a Windows Mobile 6.5 Sense UI shot inexplicably plastered on top, which makes about as much sense as... well, re-releasing the HD2 right now. Bottom line, we think the hardware part of this picture is real; software, not so much.

Update: German carrier Base decided to jump on the leaked screenshot as a clever marketing opportunity: It says the device is real, and if you like what you see, you should preorder one immediately.

[Thanks, Kamal]