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Mercedes-Benz A-Class E-Cell is an E-lectric limited production vehicle

Vlad Savov

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Here's what you could be driving... if only you lived in Europe. Mercedes-Benz has announced, and promptly sold, a limited production run of 500 electric A-Class hatchbacks. Bearing the same E-Cell designation as the somewhat tastier-looking SLS model from the deutschen automaker, this little goer squeezes 95 horsepower and a 93mph top speed out of a 70kW motor. Those are relatively humble specs, but they also mean the electrified A-Class can last a healthy 124 miles between recharges. So long as this thing doesn't go all Tata Nano on us -- and Mercedes says its thermomanagement is top notch -- we wouldn't mind seeing a few more electro hatchbacks rolling off the assembly line and maybe even reaching markets outside the present France, Germany and Netherlands. Let's make it happen, Daimler!

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