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ThinkPad X220t images surface, look exactly as you'd imagine


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Are you a rabid ThinkPad fan? Does the sight of black plastic and a red nub in the center of the keyboard drive you into a frenzied gadget lust? You've seen the X201 (and even its sad, Atom-powered KIRF) so how about a peek at its presumed followup? According to, the self-described "gate to the professional notebook users," the ThinkPad X220t rocks a DisplayPort interface, VGA port, two USB 2.0 ports (although they could be upgraded to USB 3.0 as this thing gets ready for prime time), an SD card reader, capacitive touchscreen and stylus. And like its predecessor, it will flip 'round into slate mode. You know, for when you're in that sort of a mood. But pictures speak louder than words -- even pictures that have had the background cut out and rendered drop shadows thrown in for good measure. See for yourself after the break.

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