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Best Buy opens up in-store pre-orders for HTC Thunderbolt: $50 to claim yours

Darren Murph

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And with that, it's officially On Like Donkey Kong. A flood of tipsters have confirmed this morning that Best Buy stores around the nation are now accepting pre-orders for HTC's titillating Thunderbolt. We knew good and well this day was coming, but if you've got $50 socked away to put towards it, today's the day to get in line. We're hearing from numerous stores that the phone will be available for pickup on February 14th, so feel free to pre-order two -- you know, for that special someone in your life. Let us know how your experience goes in comments below.

Update: We've got it on good authority that new and upgrade pricing for this here handset is set at $249.99 with a two-year contract.

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