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Intel's first Medfield-based smartphone to be a ZTE?

Tim Stevens

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It wasn't that long ago that Intel pulled a Dell, Anand Chandrasekher showing off a fancy new thing then quickly hiding it away out of sight. That was a Medfield-based smartphone, an Atom-powered mobile that the company pledges is built on "the most efficient architecture on the planet." Whether that's the case remains to be seen, as we're still waiting on any sort of details on that mystery phone, but according to Businessweek one question has been answered: the manufacturer. Intel is said to be working to design the handset for ZTE, the 32nm processor expected to provide decent performance and high efficiency for a mid-range smartphone. Now, ZTE has certainly been trying to make waves on the US market of late, but we can't help thinking Intel's going to need a somewhat higher profile partner before it really starts hitting ARM where it hurts.

Source: Businessweek
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