GSM-flavored Xoom passes FCC muster, bound for AT&T?

AT&T Xoom passes through FCC
It appears Motorola is taking a page from the Samsung playbook and making the Xoom carrier-agnostic. Verizon and Sprint are already marching along and, according Wireless Goodness, an AT&T version is about to join the parade. The FCC approved a "hand held device" from Motorola that packs an HSDPA-capable radio on the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands, which just so happen to be the very same frequencies used by AT&T. A screen shot snapped by Wireless Goodness refers to the product as a "wireless tablet with embedded WLAN," though that description is conspicuously absent from the documents now. The filing also makes mention of MOTOTalk, two-way radio functionality, a feature missing from other Xoom versions that seems like a perfect fit for the rumored rugged tablet the company is working on. Looks like that little bundle of "4G" tablet joy teased during CES is finally on its way.