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Hulu CEO lays out Q2 results, 875,000 paying subscribers for potential buyers


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Five months after laying out Hulu's battle plan, CEO Jason Kilar showed off the company's Q2 stats in an apparent bid to impress potential suitors and possibly secure his own future with the company. The above graph shows Hulu Plus subscriber growth, now above 875k and heading towards the 1 million he predicted it would reach this year by the end of the summer. Other key stats mentioned are the roughly $8 per subscriber that's being paid out to content creators from subscription fees and ad revenues, as well as the 25 million additional devices that have become Hulu Plus enabled in the last several months. Not mentioned in that list are LG TVs, which a separate blog post announced have just received a Hulu Plus app that is even compatible with their Magic Motion gesture control remote. Now that the numbers are laid out and buyers are perusing Hulu's wares, it's simply a matter of time until someone writes a check and we find out what the next chapter of the video streaming site's future holds, whether it fits Kilar's existing vision or something entirely new from whoever purchases it.

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