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JailbreakMe for the iPad 2 is finally live / not live, just keep refreshing (update: video)

Sharif Sakr

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We just mashed our refresh button about a million times to get the screenshot you see above, but it was worth it. JailbreakMe 3.0 with support for the iPad 2 is finally live, and we're already getting word from tipsters who claim to have successfully jailbroken their iPad 2s running iOS 4.3.3, as evidenced by the pseudo-blurry jailbroken Verizon model below. Thankfully, all of this suggests we're not dealing with the dodgy release that was leaked previously, but let us know in the comments how it's working for you this time around and hit the break for another screenshot.

Update: Austin wrote in to tell us about a new jailbreaking tutorial from YouTube user Duncan33303 -- head past the break to watch it for yourself.

[Thanks to Luis for the pic and everyone else who emailed us]

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