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Apple files ITC request to block import of select Samsung devices

Darren Murph

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And with that, yet another punch is thrown. The slugfest that is Apple vs. Samsung is getting uglier by the minute, as each one pushes the other's buttons in a presumed effort to get paid (or get the other to back down). Just as Apple was being told "no" in a request for a preliminary injunction, it's hoping for a more satisfactory outcome from its most recent filing. That one's headed to the US International Trade Commission in Washington, where Apple's trying to block the import of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, amongst other Samsung products. The ITC only stated "Electronic Digital Media Devices," but FOSS Patents has found five utility patents and a pair of design patents -- those encompass a grand total of six Sammy smartphones and a duo of slates. Analysts are stating that an outright ban on Samsung imports is unlikely (no shock there), and the most likely outcome here is a "settlement and cross-licensing deal." Mo' money, mo' problems, right?

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