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Logitech Revue running Honeycomb caught on camera, looks pretty good

Richard Lawler , @Rjcc
Now that eager hackers have actually managed to shoehorn the latest flavor of Android onto Logitech Revue units, the question is what does it actually look like? We got a few screenshots at Google I/O but now there's pictures and videos popping up all over. One of our tipsters sent a few shots over, while the Channel Android folks on YouTube have posted a video walkthrough (embedded after the break). So far it looks good, with little remaining of the original Google TV UI, now replaced by widgets, box art-style listings of TV content and more. Thinking about dropping a Benjamin on one of these units and upgrading to Honeycomb yourself? Be warned -- it's very raw, so with no Netflix and not much app compatibility to speak of, remaining a voyeur is probably advisable for now.

[Thanks, Michael]