It's been a few months since AMD threw down the gauntlet on Intel with its lower-priced Llano lineup, and now Chipzilla's responded with some new bargain basement Sandy Bridge silicon. The refresh includes 11 new desktop CPUs: a Core i5 chip, three Core i3s, and a handful of dual-core Pentium and Celeron processors as well. There are also five new mobile chips, including three new quad-core Core i7s (2960XM, 2860QM, and 2760QM), and the dual-core Core i7-2640M and Celeron B840. In a separate nod to these tough economic times, Intel cut the prices on a few of its existing models, too. Granted, it's only a six-percent discount at the most, but we're sure you can put those dollars to good use elsewhere in your next DIY rig.


Intel adds 16 CPUs to Sandy Bridge stable, slashes prices on some older silicon