Sure, it may not be as exciting as those two LTE beasts from Samsung that we saw earlier today, but the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 has crept on sale in the land of crumpets, Coldplay and some Middleton couple (we jest!). According to reviews on Amazon UK, it appears a lucky few have already got their hands on one, but they're now available en masse; expect to fork out just shy of £200 ($310) for the five-inch media player. The Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 already feels a bit smaller after seeing the giant 5.3-inch Galaxy Note in action, and the software is a bit dated, arriving with Froyo-flavored Android. There's no news about a Gingerbread update hitting this one just yet (though we've been told it's upgradable), but Android 2.2 should be more than enough to tackle its veritable smorgasbord of app-based delights, alongside some smartphone-esque tech specs like Bluetooth and, naturally, WiFi.

[Thanks, Cliff]

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