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Nokia to announce QWERTY Series 40 Touch and Type tomorrow?

Zach Honig

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See those boxes up there? They appear to contain a yet-to-be-announced QWERTY phone. We were able to get a quick glance at the phones from above as Nokia reps were discretely unpacking boxes for that little three-wheeled vehicular contraption parked behind the boxes. Another picture (after the break) reveals a red portrait QWERTY along with the tagline "You. Me. Everyone. Let's QWERTY," along with a model number covered up by a white piece of paper. It appears that this one may be the Nokia 303 leaked a couple weeks ago, which seems to be a low-end Series 40 6th Edition Touch-and-Type device. We know it includes WiFi and 3G connectivity, social functions and comes in colors (at least red and gray). We're just hours away from keynote confirmation at this point, and something tells us that these guys will be making their way into some attendee swag bags come tomorrow. Jump past the break for a few more pics.

Brad Molen contributed to this post.

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