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Sony's CEO is ready to launch a four-screen platform 'that can compete with Steve Jobs'
Logitech's new CEO sees the failures of the Revue clearly in hindsight and doesn't plan a sequel
Adobe abandoning Flash Player for TVs as well
LG might show off Google TV hardware at CES
Boxee Box may integrate live TV via USB dongle, push the definition of 'awesome' to a new level

Griffin's Beacon universal remote control system now available for Android, ships for $70
Facebook SlingPlayer revealed, proves you can't escape social networking

2012 London Olympics Super Hi-Vision broadcast coming to select US, Japan, UK locations

Engadget Primed: HDTV technologies detailed, past and future
Sony, Panasonic, Samsung team up for 3D supergroup
TiVo Premiere Q and Preview multiroom DVR setup finally debuts from RCN
Must See HDTV (November 14th - 20th)

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