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PS Vita shuns multiple accounts and in-game web browsing, disappoints FAQ lovers everywhere (Updated)


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Have a tendency to get stuck in games? Keep your laptop handy, the PlayStation Vita isn't going to make getting tips any easier -- an interview from AV Watch has revealed that Sony's next generation handheld is a little stingy when multitasking. The console's friends list, music and Twitter clients are in, but web browsing is out, blocked to ensure the Vita has more resources available for running games. This limitation could be off-putting to gamers who are used to mid-game internet FAQ checks to guide them through difficult bits of gameplay, a trick Nintendo's 3DS handles smoothly. Family members hoping to share a console might run into a roadblock as well, as the Vita appears to be fairly conservative about its relationships -- allowing only one PSN account per console. Sony's Brad Douglas recently mentioned on Twitter that swapping accounts was possible, but that switching required a factory reset. Potential deal breaker? For some, maybe. For others? Just another item to the growing list of things we hope to see in a future update.

Update: So, turns out the PS Vita is not -- we repeat, not -- limited to one account per console. It is, however, limited to one account per memory card. Those proprietary storage sticks are tied to a particular PSN account, but multiple people can use the same device simply by swapping the cards.

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