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Sony Ericsson reveals SmartWatch and other Xperia goodies for Android accessorizing

Sharif Sakr

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The man in the phone shop says you're gonna need some accessories to go with that brand new smartphone and he has some fresh stock to choose from. Sony Ericsson's SmartTags use NFC to flip your handset into a specific pre-configured profile depending on its location: leave a tag near your dash, for example, and it'll switch your phone into sat nav mode, or leave one by your bed for alarm clock mode. Smart Wireless Headset Pro does slightly more than your average wireless cans, giving you access to calendar notifications and even acting as a standalone MP3 player and radio when detached from the phone. And here's the final head-turner: the Xperia SmartWatch, which uses Bluetooth to act as a secondary display, showing texts and other notifications while also letting you manage basic phone functions from your wrist. These Smart Extra accessories will actually work with any NFC- or Bluetooth-equipped Android phone, not just Sony's latest, which ought make the shop guy even happier. You'll find a lot more detail at the source link, although no pricing or availability just yet.

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