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PlayStation Vita gets updated 3G data plan, offers an extra gigabyte for a Lincoln


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We can't say we were overly concerned about busting through the Vita's 2GB monthly data threshold when the handheld's 3G variant hits AT&T next month, but the network, it seems, isn't taking any chances. According to the Vita's AT&T page, Ma Bell's making sure you'll never be blocked from nabbing those download-capped PlayStation Minis by upping the previously announced 2GB for $25 plan to 3GB for $30. Surprised? Don't be -- this change just brings Sony's next generation handheld in-line with the network's updated data plans. The Vita's budget-friendly $15 for 250MB option is still ripe for the picking, but that won't get you far if you plan to watch Netflix on the go, will it?

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