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Apple's new iPad shows up in Hong Kong, teases with sample photos and video clip


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Looks like Vietnam ain't the only place that got an early taste of the new iPad, which is due out this Friday around the world (unless you're super tight with your delivery man, of course). Hong Kong magazine PCM just informed us that it got hold of a 4G flavor of Apple's latest tablet, courtesy of a very mysterious person (especially considering the 4G version isn't yet available in this region). Within the little time it spent with the new iPad, PCM managed to do plenty of comparisons with the tablet's predecessor, particularly with their camera and graphics performance. While pretty much everything's been beefed up, PCM claims that the new lens isn't as wide as before, and it also notes that the extra 50g is pretty noticeable -- obviously we shall see for ourselves on Friday. Hands-on video and sample video clip embedded after the break, and head on over to the source link for more comparison shots.

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