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New Motorola phone elbows RAZR aside with bigger screen, gets caught on blurrycam


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Motorola has apparently bored itself with battery expansion and moved onto that other mobile upgrade chestnut; screen size. Posted on the Mfunz forums, we're apparently gazing upon a 4.6-inch high-definition display -- one that dwarfs the existing RAZR model on its right. We don't know much more just yet, although the apparent Verizon badging suggests this new phone is US-bound. This could be the first peak at the rumored Droid Fighter -- a name that's bounced around the web recently on supposedly leaked Verizon documents with a mid-April release date in tow. We're not sure what else to expect from this device, aside from what looks likely to be software-based buttons like those found on the Galaxy Nexus. We wouldn't refuse a Moto device with Ice Cream Sandwich from launch -- it'll beat waiting (and waiting) on those OTA updates.

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