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Time Warner Cable app for Android tablets with live streaming is (still) right around the corner


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To be fair, when we heard that Time Warner Cable's TWC TV app for Android tablets might add live TV streaming by the end of March it was described as a "very loose" projection, so it's not much of a surprise we're still waiting for it now, in April. It is still coming however, and a new post is up on the blog teasing the above image of the app in action and promising to make the feature available in the next few weeks, certainly by Memorial day. we should also note, it's for Ice Cream Sandwich loaded tablets only -- they have the required "security and stability" (read: DRM) necessary. Also noted is that developing a live video streaming app for iOS was easier simply because of the limited number of manufacturer, OS and hardware combinations, which mirrors what we heard previously from Netflix. Still, it's on the way, so if you're looking to use your slate as an extra TV screen in the home, you should look next to your manufacturer to make sure it's been updated with ICS.

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