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Refreshed Roku HD spotted in stores, drops the 2 but adds some purple flair


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That purple-striped Roku HD seen skulking about the FCC last month has now been observed in the wild by our friend Dave Zatz. It's apparently on shelves now, with all the features of the box recently introduced as the Roku 2 HD, but without the 2. As he muses, Roku may be taking a "new iPad" style naming approach to its hardware going forward, a theory supported by the support site listing where it's already elbowed out the old Roku 2 HD. As far as differences, it's mostly the same with the exception of full size composite outputs around that should make it more friendly to HD-less environments, while the Bluetooth (for the optional gaming remote) and microSD slot options have been eliminated. We've heard from Roku that this refreshed model has a slightly larger footprint due to those composite jacks, but will stay at the same price of $59.99.

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