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Verizon starts delivering Ice Cream Sandwich update to Motorola Xoom 4G owners


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Boom. Just as we'd heard a few days ago, and after weeks of being whispered, Verizon's finally started the process of rolling out the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Xoom 4G LTE crowd. Inside the near 108MB file are a slew of new features that are likely to make owners of the Moto slate quite content, some of which include: improvements in LTE connectivity, an overall speedier browser, the ability to resize widgets, a fresh editor within the photo gallery application and a new lock screen-based camera launcher. That's not it, however, the changelog also notes more enhancements on the text input, spell-checking and mobile hotspot departments -- all while promising a better device stability to "limit the number of resets." The update should be hitting your Big Red Xoom anytime now, but if you're not willing to wait it out, then pay the more coverage link a visit to check how to grab it manually.

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