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ZTE Tania waves Windows Phone flag for China, makes official mainland debut


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When it rains Windows Phone in China, it pours. After HTC claimed top honors for being the first to bow a Redmond-powered handset in the region, the floodgates opened with Nokia quickly doling out its Tango wares and, now, ZTE. The company, formerly a white label manufacturer, has finally gotten its Tania act together, releasing the not-so-secret phone on China Unicom with a slight upgrade to its previously announced spec list. Though most of what it offers falls in line with WP hardware requirements -- 800 x 480 display, 512MB RAM -- the processor's been bumped from 1GHz to 1.4GHz, giving the 4.3-incher a welcome speed boost. Interested parties can also look forward to a 5-megapixel rear shooter, 4GB of storage, as well as black and white color options. If you're living in the land to the far east and like the live tile approach, you might want to consider this as your next.

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