iFixit rips open new 15-inch MacBook Pro and 13-inch Air

You've got to admire the ferocity with which iFixit tears into a new gadget. Sure, there might not be much new to look at inside the non-Retina-packing MacBook Pro or updated Air, but that didn't stop the site's dedicated hackers from ripping open the laptops and spreading their guts around a table. So, how does the standard Pro differ from its pixel-packed sibling? Well, in almost every way imaginable. In fact, there's not a lot separating the mid 2012 Pro from the 2011 model. Sure it's got some mildly updated internals, but it's still got the original MagSafe connector, a single Thunderbolt port and it is much easier to upgrade or repair than the spotlight-hogging version. The Air, on the other hand, does get a slight physical facelift, though it also remains largely the same as last year's model. The SSD has a tweaked connector and a new Sandforce controller, but otherwise, it seems like the biggest visible changes are some rotated labels and stickers. To see the full teardowns check out the source links.