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Fujitsu Stylistic M532 Android tablet cozies up to the FCC


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Half a year has gone by with nary a word nor sighting, but it looks like Fujitsu's svelte Stylistic M532 tab is ready to break cover. Spotted in the FCC's database, the 10.1-inch Android slate bears all the makings of a WiFi-only affair, as it lists support for a/b/g/n protocols, in addition to Bluetooth. From what we've gleaned in the separate filings, the ICS tablet should also come loaded up with a 3,170mAh battery -- a generous cell size to complement its Tegra 3 CPU. Aside from this recent Commission appearance, no official announcement has been made to port this slim fella stateside. But where there's an FCC doc, there's usually a launch not far away. Check out the source below to sort through the usual RF tests or head to the company's own site for more legit shots.

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