Windows 8 is in stores today  are you buying a copy

That special moment has come which usually rolls around only once every three years: Microsoft has released a new version of Windows. For the version 8 update, though, the stakes are higher than ever. Redmond isn't just trying to convince legions of existing Windows users that they should break their PC update cycles. It's trying to reclaim a foothold in a tablet space that's now dominated by Apple and Google -- and it's dipping into self-designed computers for the first time with a Surface tablet that theoretically represents Microsoft's perfect vision. But how well is Windows 8 resonating with you? Did you download a copy as soon as the servers were warmed up, or do you see it as a calamity that restricts a perfectly good platform? Sound off in our poll and in the comments below.

[Image credit: Steven Sinofsky, SkyDrive]

Are you buying Windows 8?
I've already upgraded!19035 (26.2%)
I'll get it only when I buy my next PC.17962 (24.7%)
I'm all-in: there's a Surface on my lap.3785 (5.2%)
No way. I'm holding on to Windows 7 for dear life.20170 (27.7%)
No, but then I'm not a Windows user, either.11749 (16.2%)