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Audiogalaxy acquired by Dropbox, announces end of streaming service


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One of Engadget's must-have Android apps of 2010 is about to make its exit -- soon Audiogalaxy will be no more. The music streaming app's team announced that it has been acquired by Dropbox and will be sunsetting the service during the transition. Rather than streaming music from an anonymous server in the cloud, Audiogalaxy piped music (including playlists and album art) to your smartphone from your own home PC -- all this after returning from the ashes of its previous iteration as the best music file sharing service ever. Sound nifty? It is, but don't rush off to Google Play -- Audiogalaxy is no longer accepting new users. The details of the hire / acquisition haven't been laid bare, but the Audiogalaxy blog promises that service will continue for at least a few more weeks, with mixes getting the axe at the end of the year and personal streaming surviving for an undetermined period. Dropbox hasn't announced anything either, but if it finds its way into the cloud-based music space, we won't be too surprised.

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